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Designed, Tested, and Approved by Vets for Pets!

PURRZ Gumtree Cat Scratcher Range are made from natural, recycled, corrugated cardboard and come with an interactive jingle bell rattle ball. Make your cat bring out their natural instincts to scratch, stretch, roll, pounce, and play all in one toy! The convenient box design is light and highly interactive for even the most playful and curious feline, engaging your kitten’s mind. Multiple holes in all different places and levels allows easy but intriguing access to the jingle bell, rattle ball toy within engaging their attention for hours of fun.

Protect your furniture! Giving your cats access to something they love… cardboard… where they cat scratch and play diverts their attention from using your precious couch and furniture as scratching posts.

The Gumtree pet cat scratcher range is nature and eco-friendly, mae from recycled materials and can be clawed at all day long. Throw in some catnip to get them even more excited!

PURRZ is a team of vets with decades of experience that have started products tried and tested to be perfect for your cat. We make sure everything is not just clinically appropriate, but also looks fabulous and modern to suit any household. They're the perfect gift for any pet friendly household.


Bring out your cat’s natural instincts
Playful interactive jingle ball
Deter from scratching furniture
Natural, eco-friendly corrugated cardboard
Modern wood grain design to suit any decor
Purrfect for Adult cats and kittens
No harmful ingredients used to manufacture
Chew, scratch, roll, pounce, and jump all day long

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Key Points

😻 A SCRATCH TO ATTRACT : PURRZ Gumtree Natural Cat Scratchers bring back your cat’s instincts. Interactive play, chase, pounce, and scratching. Add catnip for additional excitement.


😻 2-IN-1 CAT TOY : Keep their paws and claws busy as well as their brain! Multiple uses, the jingle bell interactive ball spins and rattles stimulating your cat until they are exhausted, whilst the corrugated cardboard is perfect for allowing them to scratch and claw with their little paws.


😻 EASY TO STORE : Light and compact design allowing for portability so you can bring and use anywhere. It's the perfect size and slimness for easy storage for future use.


😻 NATURAL RECYCLED MATERIALS : Non-toxic, natural, recycled cardboard making these scratchers eco-friendly. Can be recycled when finished with.


😻 INTERACTIVE TRACK : Enclosed tunnels for the jingle bell ball to roll around in for interactive solo play. No assembly required.


😻 ALL AGES : Purrfect for all ages and sizes of kittens and cats.


😻 MODERN WOOD DESIGN : Pure, natural tan wooden designs easily suit any household. Not like most tacky pet products on the market. The Gumtree range is specifically designed to fit into the natural kitty cat environment of your home decor.


😻 VET DESIGNED, TESTED, AND APPROVED : All our products at PURRZ are designed, tested, and approved by our vets and their pets or foster teams. We make sure you get quality products that work and your pets will love!

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