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This thing is awesome! It takes up way less space than your average cat condo as it presses between your floor and ceiling to stay stable.


PLUS your cat or cats, this thing can hold multiple cats at once, can get up super high where they’re most comfortable.

The spaces between the landing pads are a bit far apart for a kitten, so I wouldn’t suggest for you to buy this for a cat less than 5 months old. For those lounge lizards though, set then up high in a a hammock and they won’t come back down :)

This cat tree is designed for buildings with a floor to ceiling height of 2.60 metres. So please measure this prior to your purchase. Although, it can fit within places and spaces with a lower roof or below a strong shelf under 2.60 metres. Each pole length is 50cm. The top part with the adjustable spring is adjustable from 5 cm to 8 cm.

Simplistic, modern, and aussie-irresistable. Cats love a good climb and scratch PLUS to be as high up as they can. So feed their natural instincts with this space saving cat tower.

  • Solid pine wood material
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Durable
  • No drilling
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Base size: 40cm x 40cm
  • Jumping board: 40cm x 35cm
  • Transparent capsule: 40cm x 49cm
  • Top castle board: 60cm x 30cm
  • Hammock: 40cm x 45cm

Note: Lighting, angles, and differences with natural materials used, the actual product might be slightly different in colours and sizes from the pictures and there may be a 1 cm to 3 cm difference compared to the described height. These are not considered product quality issues.


VET DESIGNED, TESTED AND APPROVED: These beds have been designed, tested and approved by the vets at PURRZ. We've found them perfect for all cats and kittens, especially anxious ones that like to have somewhere to hide. away. They're also amazing all year round being warm in winter and cool in the summer. 

HYPOALLERGENIC, ALL NATURAL, AND ECO FRIENDLY: Purrz's premium cat cave beds are precisely made by hand from soft, flexible, 100% all-natural, ethically sourced, treated, and certified Hypoallergenic New Zealand Merino Wool. These are the perfect gift for indoor use, easily portable, durable and comfortable for any cat or kitten lover. PLUS they come in compostable packaging making them renewable, eco friendly, and biodegradable. 

PERFECT FOR KITTENS, ADULT CATS, PUPPIES AND SMALL DOGS: This bed is the ultimate kitten and cat friendly cat bed, pod, cubby, igloo, tent, house or kitten home, but can also fit small dogs and puppies up to 20 lbs or 9 kgs. Spacious, cozy and warm as a house or soft, cuddly and flat as a padded mat or basket when collapsed, this diverse bed pops back into shape quickly and easily. Cats can play, hide, sleep, nap, relax or chill inside or on top. 

KEEPS ITS SHAPE: The felted wool dome caves are collapsible but will keep their dome shape and look great in your house. If there are any issues with the shape just use a handheld steamer to reshape it back into what you want. They’re perfect to keep your cat warm in the winter and cool in the summer as they’re made from thick and durable merino wool. 

ANTI ANXIETY AND CALMING BED: These calming cat cave beds are perfect for anxious cats as they provide a nice soft, enclosed, dark space for them to hide away when the world gets too much for them. These covered cat beds are perfect to soothe and calm allowing them to curl and snuggle up inside.

 SOFT AND COMFY: These premium cat cave beds from durable wool are super soft and extremely comfortable for any cat or kitten, we've had multiple cats all squeeze themselves inside these all at once. 

AUSTRALIAN THEMED COLLECTION: We've worked with Australian designers to add the perfect subtle Aussie theme to any household. Each design represents a specific iconic Australian animal which can compliment a sleek modern space or stand out as a handmade piece of art. 

QUICK AND EASY TO CLEAN: Vacuum, spot clean, and/or cold hand wash with detergent or soap then let it air dry naturally. To get the round shape back tightly pack the inside with soft clothing, towels, or blankets and use a hand steamer to reshape and adjust it to purrfection. 

Diameter: 16 inches / 40 cm
Height: 10 inches / 25 cm
Entrance: 8 inches / 20 cm
Fits kittens, cats, puppies and dogs up to 5kg / 11 pounds

Diameter: 19.6 inches / 50 cm
Height: 12.5 inches / 32 cm
Entrance: 8 inches / 20 cm
Fits kittens, cats, puppies and dogs up to 9kg / 20 pounds

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