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  • ALL NATURAL: All Natural Hand-Made out of 100% New Zealand Merino Wool.
  • HAND-MADE AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS: Australian Animal Designs Hand-Made in Nepal from 100% Natural Merino Wool.
  • AFFORDABLE: Affordable! Don't miss out!
  • YOUR PRECIOUS CAT WILL LOVE THESE: Hours of physical and mental stimulation.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND GREAT VALUE: High-quality materials with experienced designers.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL CATS AND KITTENS: Perfect for indoor and house cats.
  • STIMULATES ACTIVITY: Have your cat pouncing, jumping and running for hours on end.
  • PERFECT SIZE: 6cm high by 5cm wide and 4cm deep, ideal for cats, kittens, ferrets and small dogs. Easy to carry for when they go to scary places like the vet…
  • AUSTRALIAN VET OWNED: 100% owned by an Australian Vet keen to make a difference.
  • VET DESIGNED, TESTED, AND APPROVED: Our team of vets design and test all the products we sell with their own animals as well as fosters. We only sell what we love!



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