How do I get rid of poo tags around my cat’s bum?

Removing fecal matter (often referred to as "poo tags" or "dingleberries") from a cat's fur around its bottom can be a delicate task, but it is necessary for the animal's hygiene and comfort. Here are some steps you could follow:

1. **Preparation:** Before you start, gather the necessary supplies, including a pair of gloves (for hygiene purposes), a pair of pet-friendly scissors or clippers (with rounded tips for safety), cat-friendly wipes or warm soapy water, and a towel. If your cat is not comfortable with grooming or touching in this area, you might need a second person to help keep them calm and distracted.

2. **Clean the Area:** If the fecal matter is fresh, you can use a damp cloth or cat-friendly wipe to gently clean off as much as possible. Be gentle and make sure to not hurt your cat.

3. **Trim the Fur:** If the fecal matter is dried and stuck to the fur, you'll need to carefully cut it out. It's essential to be very careful here, to avoid cutting your cat's skin. Pet-friendly clippers with a safety guard are usually the best tools for this. I do not recommend scissors as they can cut through the skin quite badly. If you're uncertain or uncomfortable doing this, it's best to contact a professional groomer or vet.

4. **Regular Grooming:** To prevent this issue in the future, consider regularly grooming your cat, particularly if it's a long-haired breed. This might involve brushing or trimming the fur around its bottom.

5. **Diet and Health:** Regular occurrences of this issue could also suggest dietary issues, such as diarrhea. Consult with your vet if it happens frequently, as a change in diet or a health check might be necessary.

Remember that this process can be stressful for your cat. Always approach your cat calmly, using a soothing voice, and offer treats as rewards during and after the process. If your cat becomes overly stressed or aggressive, it's best to consult with a professional.