I’ve been told my cat is fat by my vet, but he is so lazy. How can I get him to lose weight?

Getting your cat to lose weight may take a combination of dietary changes and increasing his physical activity. Here are some tips:

1. **Diet:** Consider switching to a low-calorie cat food after consulting your vet. Feed smaller, more frequent meals rather than one or two big ones. Avoid free-feeding.

2. **Exercise:** Play with your cat regularly using toys that mimic prey, like fake mice or feather wands. Laser pointers can also be a good tool for encouraging movement, but be sure not to shine it in your cat's eyes.

3. **Environment:** Make the environment stimulating. Place feeding bowls upstairs, use puzzle feeders, or hide small amounts of food around the house for the cat to 'hunt' - this can all encourage more movement.

4. **Regular Checkups:** Regular weigh-ins at the vet can help you track progress and adjust plans as necessary.

5. **Patience:** Remember, weight loss should be gradual, as sudden weight loss can lead to other health issues.

Always consult with your vet before starting any weight loss plan to ensure it's safe for your cat's specific health situation.